Wooden Closet interior view
Wooden Closet unfolded sections
Plan with unfolded sections and overriding geometries

A wooden closet was designed for a small rectangular space within a historic apartment unit. The existing plaster walls were furred out and lined with full height panels and the original detailing of the door and trim was rebuilt to create a distinctly lined interior. Alignments and proportions of the new elements were carefully developed alongside precise detailing and a straightforward expression. The closet is constructed entirety in riftsawn white oak and gives the space a special room-like quality.

Dimensions: 96″ x 48″ x 101″ h

Wooden Closet exploded isometric

Location: Portland, Ore.
Completed: 2017
Client: private
Team: Landry Smith, Daniel Kendra
Construction: Willow Classic Woodworking
Program: room renovation
Area: 32 sq ft