West Linn House closed facade
West Linn House semi open facade

The residence is situated on a 50 x 100 ft lot in a suburban neighborhood in West Linn, Oregon overlooking the Willamette River. Three equal bays characterize the street facade and establish the organizational logic of the house as they are subsequently repeated at 20 ft intervals. The result is a plan divided into nine equal sections that occupy the maximum 40 x 60 ft building perimeter. The repeating elements outline the three primary zones of the house— an entry, a garden, and a two-story living area. Specifically programmed spaces (the bedrooms, baths, laundry, kitchen, and mechanical areas) are located at the very back, or on the second level. Remaining is a series of well-proportioned spaces without prescribed functions.

A covered area occupies two of the bays facing the street and is treated like the other rooms of the house. Perforated steel roll-up doors are concealed in the structural sandwich of the roof and are located at both ends. Along with a large main entry that occupies the third bay, these rooms allow opportunity for transparency deep into the lot and offer an alternative to the ubiquitous suburban two car garage, but without rejecting its potential to function as such. Garage storage is reassigned to a freestanding metal shed that forms the only solid wall defining an interior courtyard.

West Linn House view into the courtyard
West Linn House kitchen area
West Linn House axonometric
West Linn House organizational diagram
Organizational diagram
West Linn House section through courtyard
West Linn House exterior view looking northeast
West Linn House looking out from second floor
West Linn House east elevation
West Linn House courtyard gathering
West Linn House ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
West Linn House second floor plan
Second floor plan
West Linn House entering covered area

Location: West Linn, Ore.
Client: private
Program: single family house
Area: 2,700 sq ft