Lincoln Beach looking out to the Pacific Ocean
Lincoln Beach section model

Built in the Northwest Style, the existing house sits on a bluff surrounded by pine trees and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The original plan, however, was compartmentalized and poorly resolved. In lieu of a partial renovation suggested by the budget, we proposed a lean revisiting of the entire residence, using a series of well-considered alterations to fully capitalize on the potential of the site.

Largely subtractive in nature, the renovation sought out solutions that resisted readings between new and old. Some quirks were modified and others were accepted. For the unforgiving climate of the Oregon coast, the vernacular language of the existing overhangs and water proofing details were utilized on the exterior. New interior spaces are characterized by the removal of walls and a redistribution of loads in select areas. To maximize the presence of the landscape, the majority of the budget was invested in new openings and windows. The exterior facade facing the ocean incorporates a new steel moment frame where a continuous window wall dramatically expands the views of the coastline from within the house. The original fireplace became a freestanding element in a now open space.

The clerestory basement was opened up and an additional bedroom and shared bath added to this level. A new fully glazed two story entry allows views of the ocean through the house and lets additional light into the basement below. Upstairs, oversized dormer windows expand the usable floor space and provide commanding views down the beach. At the top of the reconfigured stair a wide hallway doubles as a reading area and overlooks the pine trees in the front yard.

Lincoln Beach approach view of the house
Lincoln Beach walking out of second floor bedroom
Lincoln Beach ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
Lincoln Beach second floor plan
Second floor plan
Lincoln Beach basement floor plan
Basement floor plan
Lincoln Beach view of the kitchen and entry area
Lincoln Beach view of the living room from the dining area
Lincoln Beach living room and entry

Location: Depoe Bay, Ore.
Project: 2009
Client: private
In collaboration with: Michael Tyre
Structural engineer: Haffner Consulting Engineering
Program: house renovation
Area: 4,000 sq ft